Smoking is a risk factor for at -

Smoking is a risk factor for at - least 25 types of diseases, such as cancer coffers of urination, stomach cancer, colon cancer and cervical, oral cancer, esophageal cancer, throat cancer, pancreatic cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, chronic pernapasa tract disease, stroke , osteoporosis, heart disease, infertility, early menopause, giving birth defects, miscarriage, bronchitis, cough, peptic ulcer disease, emphysema, weak muscles, mouth disease, and eye damage. Among them will be explained as follows:


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H exhaled craigslist smoke that smokers smoke can be divided into primary (main stream smoke) and the smoke side (side stream smoke). The main smoke is tobacco smoke that is inhaled directly by the smoker, while the side smoke is tobacco smoke spread into the air, to be inhaled by others or passive smokers.

It has been found 4,000 types of chemicals in cigarettes, with 40 species of which are carcinogenic (can cause cancer), which is more toxic materials found in addition to the smoke, such as carbon monoxide (CO) 5 times more common in addition to smoke than The main smoke, benzopiren 3 times, and ammonia 50 times. These materials can last up to several hours dala m space after stopping smoking.

The new cigarette smoke die in an ashtray containing 3-fold carcinogenic materials in the air and 50 times contain eye and respiratory irritant. Someone who tried smoking usually be addictive because cigarettes are addictive. (Yudshistira. "Extension Danger Cigarette". 2008. http //: (December 19, 2009)). From this view we know that smoke cigarette contains components and substances that are harmful to the body. The number of components depends on the type of tobacco, combustion temperatures, long cigarette, porosity paper wrappers, cigarette flavoring and the presence or absence of the filter. The particles in cigarette smoke can cause cancer (carcinogenic). Nicotine, carbon monoxide, and other ingredients in cigarette smoke proved damaging endothelial (blood vessel wall), and facilitate the emergence of blood clots.

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